1973 Isuzu Bellett: A little drive before winter hits

The weather is turning cold and fast.  Usually that means the cars go into a bit of hibernation, particularly my Isuzu Bellett.  That’s largely because the heater core hoses died a few years back and so I just eliminated the heater altogether.  Combine the lack of heat with the fact that I’m leaving the country again next week and will be on various business trips all the way until Christmas, I was rapidly running out of time to enjoy the old girl.

So, I decided to saddle up and take her on a (very short) road trip up to Dallas and back.  It’s not a long trip, only about a 2 hour drive, but it’ll be the farthest I’ve ever taken her from the house.  I am pleased to report, she ran almost flawlessly the whole trip.  The only failures I had were the meters, interestingly enough.  The tachometer has been reading about 500 RPM high for a few months now, and on this trip it finally lost the plot and starting just showing arbitrary numbers for the fun of it.  On top of that, the speedometer bit it hard.  It would always indicate about 10 km/h high, but it suddenly started indicating 15 to 20 km/h high, then it would spaz out completely and indicate 160 km/h then peg it at past 220 km/h, making a noise like it was coming apart at the seams.  I unscrewed the cable for the remainder of the trip.

I had lunch with a friend in Plano, then shot back over to Fort Worth to pick up my oil pan for the 117 Coupe from Dashbuilt Performance, then up to Denton to visit ATS Racing, then finally back into Plano to meet up with my good buddies and have a little mini-meet and some burgers.  In order of year, we have my 1973 Isuzu Bellett 1800GT, an LS3 swapped 1988 Mazda RX-7, 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino, and a 1993 Suzuki Alto Works RS/R.  All in all, a pretty rare collection of metal!

The next morning, with below freezing temperatures, I fired up the old girl to let her warm up and found it hilarious how small it was next to some American beasts.

Then I set out to go see the two other cars my buddy with the Cappuccino has.  A 1989 Suzuki Swift GT-i and a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo.  It was good fun to get the Isuzu brethren together for a quick shot.  The Swift was also hugely charming.  It was a little rough, with dents and dings and a bit of rust, but it just had something special about it that made you want to drive it as hard as humanly possible.  Unfortunately, it had a flat tire and I didn’t have enough time to help him get it fixed and take her for a drive.  Next time my dude!

The trip back was pretty uneventful and the Bellett ran like a champ the whole way!  Altogether, I covered a total of 605 km (376 miles) across Friday and Saturday morning.  Not a bad amount of driving!

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