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Once upon a time I was a lot more active on the internet. I meat an awesome dude named Brian who was running a website called Gearbox Magazine.  He even ran a short feature on my Mitsubishi 360.  Unfortunately, I tend to go full recluse mode when things gets heavy, and with a move 6,000 miles around the World, work and life were very heavy for a few years, and we fell out of contact.  When I finally decided it was time to get back into the internet, Forums were dead and Facebook reigns supreme.

So I put the word out that I was ready to get back into it but had an utter hatred for Facebook’s organization.  Two people were crucial in helping me get pointed in the right direction: John and Brian. Despite the fact that Brian and I hadn’t talked in years, it felt like no time at all had passed.  He helped get me going, gave some good advice, and it was just awesome to reconnect.  He even invited to be on his podcast and I jumped at the possibility! Not because I wanted to be on a podcast, but because I wanted to have a chat with Brian and just catch up. Being on the podcast was just a perk!

It was an absolute blast and I hope to chat with Brian again soon on the Podcast, but in the meantime, give the podcast a listen and spend some time perusing The Gearhead Project!

You can listen to the podcast directly below, but please go check out Brian’s site, The Gearhead Project for more!



The Gearhead Project – TGP S01E24 | David Lovett: Small World, Small Cars, Big Life

One thought on “The Gearhead Project Podcast”

  1. Wow, man! You do me a great honor with your words. Arigatou!

    I am amazed you had that screen shot—and could find it after all these years. It felt so right-at-home seeing it, only to notice those little calls to action under the main banner and realize it was an ancient version of the old *Mitsubishi* Gearbox Magazine.

    We will most definitely speak again, before the end of the year if I have my druthers. 😉

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